We offer the NDT methods named below in our workshop as well as at your company/workshop or at your building site.


Our services are requested by clients working in the field of:


  • pipeline construction
  • plant construction
  • steel construction / bridge construction
  • boiler- and vessel construction
  • manufacturer of semi-finished products
  • machine construction
  • foundry / casting house
  • automobile industry
  • metalworking industry
  • etc.



Nondestructive Testing


Radiographic Testing (RT)


  • X-ray tubes / up to 320 kV or 250 kV (mobile)
  • Gamma-ray source, Selen 75
  • Gamma-ray source, Iridium 192


Ultrasonic Testing (UT)


  • manual examination with Impulse-Echo-Technique
  • weldings, castings, forgings, rolled products
  • wall thickness gauging
  • etc.


Penetrant Testing (PT)


  • as so called "red-white"-Exam. with color contrast fluid, or
  • with fluorescent fluid


Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)


  • with Yokes
  • test bench
  • with cable/coils


Visual Testing (VT)


  • as direct visual examination for e.g. dimensional check


Hardness Test


  • acc. to UCI-Method
  • as a rule acc. to Vickers (HV10)
  • conversion in Brinell etc., if necessary


Positive Material Identification (PMI)


  • with SPECTRO X-sort
  • ascertainable analysis: Mn,Cr,Ni,Cu,Mo,Ti,V,Nb,Fe,Zn,Sn,Pb




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