Level III Service

This service is aimed to clients who engage NDT personnel on themselves or any other client with a need in NDT.


The Level III Service may include:


  • contract review
  • NDT planning
  • Selection of NDT method
  • Qualification of NDT suppliers
  • NDT equipment
  • Evaluation
  • Certification of NDT personnel
  • Training
  • etc.


The certification by the employer acc. to SNT-TC-1A as well as ISO 9712 is also a part of the Level III Service.


Our employee for this service is qualified and certified as follows:


  • ACCP Prof. Level III (ASNT Cert. No. 196809)
  • EN/ISO Level III (SC Cert. No. Z-SC-03003)
  • TÜV - Supplier Auditor
  • DAkkS B/C - Training
  • Instructor (Trainer)
  • and ... NDT since 1995 ...




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